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Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies From Cedar Creek

Hey guys, Sue over at the Cannabis Daily Record was nice enough to ask if I’d do some strain reviews for her awesome site that you should totally follow! I was happy to oblige, instead of rewriting them into my own format, I am going to stick with the way the CDR does theirs when I repost the reviews I submit to them.

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison)(Sold at The Herbery and the Cannabis Country Store)
Grower: Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)
Onset Time: Within the first couple of minutes.
Fade: High lasted a couple hours, come down was nice w/ no yawning or drained feeling.
Strength: Mid-High, depending on your tolerance. Two tokes will have you feeling nice.
Tingling: Felt it in my eyes, but mostly my head – mostly a cerebral high for me
Control: Felt like I was still able to focus and go about my day.
Emotions: Relaxed enough to enjoy the euphoric creativity. Giggly at times.
Paranoia: None – I felt completely comfortable in my elated element.
Energy Level: Calm, but my mind was jolted & ready to go.
Smell: Sweet like cookies w/ a little spice.
Relieves: Negative mood/outlook
Positives: Great strain for creativity and inner peace
Negatives: Smoked some later at night and munchies ensued.
Other Notes: Beautiful buds with some deep purple colors, sticky and great taste. Creative types would find this strain beneficial.

**This post was originally posted on the Cannabis Daily Record**

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