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Strain Review: God Bud From High Altitude

Here’s another strain review that I did for the CDR, I hope you guys don’t mind the two formats for my strain reviews!

Strain: God Bud (Indica – Genetics: Hawaiian & Purple Skunk)
Grower: High Altitude (Washington)
Onset Time: 2-4 mins
Fade: About 1-2 hrs
Strength: Took a couple hits from my bong and feel like that was a good amount to feel its full effects.
Tingling: Head, face and body.
Control: Felt in control
Emotions: Happy and giggly, relaxed physically and determined
Paranoia: None
Energy level: Big mental boost, mind on GO! Full body relaxation
Smell: Sweet, Fruity w/ piney undertones & tastes
Relieves: Had me task oriented and focused, could see ppl w/ probs focusing using this. Pain, stress.
Positives: Good bud or tasks needing focus, no sleepiness w/ it being a indica. Nice light bud that isn’t too strong.
Other notes: Great taste and smell! Delicate buds. Weird to have my mind peaked like that w/ this being a indica strain.

**This post was originally posted on the Cannabis Daily Record**

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