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The Shop Web Series Premiere


Earlier today comedian Felipe Esparza debuted a new mini-webseries titled, the Shop. Brought to us by the folks over at the All Things Comedy Network, the Shop is a show that gives us a peek into what it’s like working at a dispensary in LA. The show will follow Felipe and Chris, two coworkers and the different kinds of people that come into their shop. We’ll get 7 episodes of the Shop, each running 2-4 minutes long and new episodes will be available every Monday at noon (PST). Lesa, Felipe’s wife told me that the shop was made on a shoestring budget and it’s filmed entirely on green screen. Many of the co-stars are some of Felipe’s comedian friends Chris Storen, Marcella Arguello, Isaac “Flaco” Martinez, Fred Stoller and Felipe’s friend, hip hop artist Baby Bash…WAIT FUCKING BABY BASH!? EXCITEMENT!  The first episode of the shop is titled “New Patient” and focuses on patients who come in looking for freebies. This show may be set in LA, but I’m sure many budtenders in the industry can relate to some of the zany antics.

The Shop was created by Felipe and his wife Lesa Esparza, she also produces Felipe’s podcast, “What’s Up Fool?”, you can find it on the All Things Comedy podcast network, or subscribe on iTunes. Lesa told me that her and Felipe were trying to find a home for this idea for a couple years now and they thought ATC was the right place for it. ATC is a media platform and podcast network that was created by comedians Bill Burr and Al Madrigal, it’s comedian owned where everyone has 100% control and ownership of their own content and there’s sharing of advertising revenue and cross-promotion amongst the other podcasts.

Felipe is a comedian and actor and in 2010 won the top prize on Last Comic Standing. Felipe’s a product of the streets of Boyle Heights in East LA., one of the main reasons I am supporting this new project and ones in the future. I grew up in the Echo Park area of LA (pre-gentrification and my familia is still there!), and some of my weekends were spent at the Hollenbeck Youth Center in Boyle Heights, it’s nice to see other Latinos doing dope shit and I will always share the dope things that they do. (Read more about Felipe)

You can subscribe to the Shop over at to get notified when new episodes are available. You can also head to where they’ll be sharing the videos every week. Make sure you follow Felipe on Twitter!

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