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Women Grow November Networking Event

There’s another Women Grow Networking Event coming this November and it will be the last one of 2015!! This event is the second part in their educational series. I missed last months event which would’ve been the first part of this series so I’m not sure what was talked about. The upcoming event will feature a panel of experts discussing cannabis cultivation, good agricultural practices and Quality by Design, and Ashley Preece-Sackett of Cascadia Labs will be the moderator.

I will be attending this event and hope to see some of you there!


Thursday Nov 5th 6pm -9pm


The Colony
7525 North Richmond Avenue
Portland, OR 97203


We are excited to invite you to the second part of our Educational Series.  This event will feature a seasoned panel of experts discussing cannabis cultivation, good agricultural practices and Quality by Design.

Horticultural Scientist Ashley Preece-Sackett of Cascadia Labs will moderate this knowledgable panel of speakers.

Noelle Crombie – The Oregonian staff writer – Pesticides in cannabis cultivation & extraction.

Courtney Zehring – Tokie Farms – Outdoor cultivation including living soil & no spray techniques.

Joe Dunne – Zion Cannabis – Dispensary perspective on good agricultural practices.

Cristian Koch (Sponsor Speaker) – Hifi Farms Master Grower – Indoor cultivation for sustainable and clean cannabis.

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