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Cannabis gifts have gone high-end

Cannador offers this humidor with a walnut exterior and a mahogany interior. It is large enough to hold five strains. (Cannador)

NEW YORK — The explosion of legalized marijuana has produced a market for stylish and tech-driven paraphernalia. Bongs aren’t just about the boys in the basement anymore. But hunting down, dare we say it, high-end and high-design cannabis accessories and gear isn’t always easy.

A few gift ideas:

• STASH BOX: A company called Cannador puts out a humidor for the “strain conscious connoisseur” with a walnut or cherry wood exterior and a mahogany interior. The five-strain box is sleek and big enough to hold more than an ounce in five perforated-lid metal cans. One version includes a removable bead system that helps maintain the right humidity ratio to keep a stash fresher for longer. The company promises the pot smell won’t leak due to two separate layers of wood and lock miter grooves for an extremely tight fit. Prices range from $209 to $219. Available at

• NOT A BONG: There’s all manner of high-tech glass smoking devices in many designs and price points. Custom glass can go for many thousands of dollars. A popular seller for one company, Illadelph Glass, is the Detachable Coil Condenser. It comes in several colors, including a pleasing blue. It cools and condenses smoke as it travels through the freezable coil top, which detaches and can be stored indefinitely in the freezer when not in use. Starts at about $900. Available at

• VAPORIZER: A desktop version called the Volcano comes in a digital version for those who partake without creating smoke. It’s crafted in Germany and captures flavor and aroma in a heat-resistant balloon. And there’s a bonus: It’s food safe for other uses. After preheating, the balloon is attached with a valve and fills with vapor in 30 seconds to a minute. The price is $599. Available at

• ROLLING PAPERS: For your traditionalist with a taste for the high life, Shine Papers offers 24-karat gold rolling papers. The papers are gold on the outside and a “perfectly consistent burning paper on the inside,” the company declares. They burn slowly and leave gold in the ash, but — according to the Shine website — “unfortunately you cannot pawn your ashes (the question gets asked all of the time).” A 12-sheet pack costs $55. A six-sheet pack of king-size and branded with the name of a company investor, rapper Tyga, is the same price. Available at

• PORTABLE VAPING: Tobacco users have sent sales of vape devices soaring. Many exist for cannabis users. A popular device, the Pax 2, has teamed up with The Weeknd on a limited-edition style called “The Madness,” with the singer’s trademark “XO.” Available at, where it lists for $324.99.