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Strain Review: Green Crack From Heavenly Buds

Green Crack is a sativa strain I picked up over at HEMP (still in stock $20/1g or $60/3.5g) and was grown by Washington producer and processor Heavenly Buds (Master Yoda by Heavenly Buds). Green Crack is a strain I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now, and since it was grown by Heavenly Buds, a brand I trust I finally decided to see what all the hype was about.

In Washington on the recreation side, you’re not allowed to look at the buds so close under the magnifying lens like medical shops in Washington and Oregon (can you on the rec side in Oregon? I only get medical there), which kinda sucks for the consumer. To combat that many of the shops have jars where you can see the buds, some of the jars do have a magnifying lens on them, and some also have holes for you to get a whiff, which is cool, but there’s no doubt over time the smell will fade with it being opened so frequently. I’m grateful to the shops who have most of their flower on display, and HEMP is a place that does.

Upon first smell I fell in love with Green Crack, it was fruity, almost like a fresh sliced mango and it’s taste was smooth and earthy leaving a nice taste on your lips. The smell had me wanting, but the look had me buying! The green buds had intense, orange hairs poking through and through and a light coating of trichomes that had me longing to smoke the shit out of this. I’d like to also mention that the buds were soft and sticky and left a nice sweet smell on your digits. SMELLS SOOOOO GOOOD!

I’d categorize Green Crack as a strain that’s mid-high in the strength department, after a few minutes it’s effects kicked in and lasted for a couple hours. Newbies, a couple tokes and you’re good to go! Since Green Crack was a strain that’s been praised to me as a super sativa by friends, I was hoping I’d feel a bit more energetic and hoped it would’ve hit me harder. I felt the euphoric effects and my body did feel more relaxed, but maybe because the name has the word crack in it, I thought that it’d be more of a sativa high for me like  Sour Diesel is. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Green Crack, it’s cerebral effects were nice. It first started off with more of a focused high, definitely something I’d use when I need to write or knock things off my to-do list. When the focus died down I felt more of the euphoric and enchanting aspects Green Crack provides. A great stress reliever and depression killer, for sure.

Green Crack: 5 – Rhianna


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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