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1st Annual Cannaball

We’re ready to chuck the deuces at 2015, but before we can do that we need to pack in the holiday parties! Let me make this easy for you by sharing the first holiday party you SHOULD be at: the 1st Annual Cannaball! This event is led by our Women Grow Portland Chapter leaders: Ashley, Sara, and Leah, but this is not a Women Grow event! The 1st Annual Cannaball is being hosted by Cascadia Labs, Hifi Farms, and the Weed Blog, and will celebrate the accomplishments of the cannabis reform movement in Oregon.

Leah had this to say about the Cannaball:

This party is to honor and appreciate all of the accomplishments of the cannabis reform movement and the industry here in Oregon. We’re thrilled to share this special time in history with the activists, industry professionals, and the policy makers who have helped us get this far. We also want to celebrate the process of helping Oregon become a model for cannabis policy, production, and industry for the rest of the country.

The industry has come a long way and this year has been a wild ride, so celebrate it in one of the chillest ways possible *cough*weed*cough*, with some awesome people *cough*me*cough*! You don’t have to be in the cannabis industry to enjoy the fun, while these events are great for networking, they’re also a great place to meet new and exciting people who all have something in common. I’ve been dreading the holiday parties this year, but I can say that without a doubt, I am stoked for the Cannaball!

Guests will be treated to an open bar with beer & wine, live music from Mammoth in Space and Darka Dusty & the Borscht Beatniks, aerialists will be in the air wowing us with their talents, and a red carpet photo booth for pics of us in our threads. VIP’s and special guests can expect gift bags with some goodies and a champagne VIP room. Cocktail attire is suggested.

Some of the hospitality and gift bag sponsors include: Portlandsterdam University, High Quality Compassion, Kings of Canna, Laurie Wolfe and Mary Jane, Green Leaf Lab, Qi Co., Canna And The City, CannaGaurd, MRX Labs, Fruit Flower, Titrate, Empower, and more!

Cascadia Labs will be collecting canned food as part of a food drive, so if you’re able to bring anything to donate that would be awesome. Help support the cause and those in need.

Put on something flashy and get your butt to the 1st Annual Cannaball, hope to see some of you there!



The Refuge

116 SE Yamhill St

Portland, OR 97217


Thursday Dec 10, 7 pm – 11 pm


21+ – $40 Early Bird

RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

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