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Smokies Toke Couture For Your Holiday

Thanksgiving’s over, so that means it’s time to start shopping for our families, friends, and Secret Santa recipients! Over the course of the next few weeks, I am gonna try to share some products that I think would be great for the weed smoker in your life.

You may remember my posts on Smokies Toke Couture (post here) an Etsy Shop that specializes in handcrafted items made by shop owner, Pilar Johnson. She was kind enough to send over a press release with images for some great gift ideas.

Hello, I’d like to introduce our line to you for consideration in your Holiday Gift Guides. Our company, Smokies Toke Couture, is a boutique cannabis lifestyle brand headquartered in San Francisco. This brand features high quality handmade jewelry, clothing, gifts and accessories. Our pieces are perfect for the cannabis connoisseur who is looking for something extra special to show their “cannabis pride”. 

What sets us apart from other cannabis brands is our attention to quality, and our vintage inspired elegant style. Our customers thank us for making pieces that they say are “ fun and classy”. We use only high quality materials in our designs, including Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, and cruelty free feathers. We also have our t shirt designs silkscreened by hand in San Francisco.

The company was founded in 2012 by (myself) designer Pilar Erika Johnson when I was looking for cannabis inspired accessories. I really did not find much available that had the quality or on-trend style that I was looking for. My conclusion is that female cannabis users (in particular) are very underserved in the fashion arena. Many items currently being sold in the marketplace are either created for men, or are a novelty type product, skimping on quality.


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