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Strain Review: Jack Herer From Cedar Creek Cannabis

Hey guys, I’ve been on a little hiatus since the holidaze began in Nov and I do apologize. I have a bunch of reviews in the works and hope you’re all excited! For now I’d like to share a review of the strain Jack Here that was grown by Cedar Creek Cannabis. In the past I’ve mentioned how this strain’s a favorite of many, but that it’s never hit me the same way…well, Cedar Creek’s version finally hit me!

This review was previously posted on the Cannabis Daily Record.

Grower: Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)
Onset time: 2-3 mins
Fade: About an hour
Strength: Medium
Tingling (where did you feel it): Felt it in my head, VERY cerebral
Control: Super focused and clear headed.
Emotions: Zero’d in/focused, that dipped into a creative euphoria
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: Sparks of happy, energy buzzed throughout my soul, felt like I was glowing. My mind was super sharp.
Smell: Fresh pine smell, reminded me of the smell of fresh trees that you get when you go camping.
Relieves: Stress, anxiety, or depression: helps you let go to focus on happier things
Positives: For once Jack Herer has hit me like it does other people, in the past I’ve mentioned how I haven’t been too fond of the strain. Cedar Creek did a great job! Awesome for neurotic people like myself. A nice strain that doesn’t distract you from whatever it is you’re doing.
Negatives: It did make me a little sleepy
Other notes (appearance, etc.): With the mental sativa high this strain gave me, I felt like I could see the music I was listening to. And thought this was a very cerebral sativa, I felt many indica qualities when I came down: sleepy, yawns, etc.

**This post was originally posted on the Cannabis Daily Record**

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