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Strain Review: Mint Cookies Prerolls From Artizen

In November, on one of High End’s “Fatty Fridays” I picked up a 2 pack of prerolls from Artizen, a local cannabis company here in Washington. I’ve tried Artizen’s Grape Ape and liked it, so after one of their employees gave it their seal of approval, I decided to give it a shot. This review isn’t about High End Market Place, but I will say that they’re my preferred Vancouver shop, and have never been disappointed with anything they’ve recommended. It’s important to find shops that take the time to talk to you about their products and at least try to understand you’re tastes and what you’re looking for.

Mint Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid that had a fresh, mint scent with soft, creamy undertones that were reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. The j’s were both .5 grams and much shorter than the fatty prerolls I normally pick up from High End. The first j burned a little weird, but in hindsight I realize I hadn’t worked it through my fingers to loosen it up.

This is an awesome strain for those days where you want to be lazy, but don’t want to feel lazy. I felt like this had a heady, cerebral high that I felt in my eyes and temples, it gave me a big surge of mental energy. I decided to smoke both of the joints in one day to get a proper review in, while I imbibed in a 10 episode binge of Aziz Ansari’s AWESOME new show Master of None. Both the show and Mint Cookies paired nicely, the j’s put me in a bubble-headed daze and it felt like no time had passed when I had finally finished the season finale…5 HOURS LATER! There was lots of laughing and high thoughts. When the mental energy wore off and my high began to fade a bit, I started feeling more relaxed and loose physically.

My only qualm with my time with Mint Cookies was that the j’s weren’t bigger! I need more! Strains that perk your mind up leaving you happy or whimisical are always ones you want around, especially if you can go about your day without feeling too impaired after partaking. You can still pick up a pack of Mint Cookies from High End ($15).

Mint Cookies: 3 – Broad City


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**



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