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What Rec Consumers Look For When Visiting A Cannabis Shop

No cannabusiness is one in the same, in fact, many are doing what they can to separate themselves from one another while reaching out to consumers without alienating them. Whether it’s medical or recreational, cannabis consumers are all different as well, and we look for different things when we’re on the prowl.

While some look at price and potency, others are more into the aesthetics like the fullness of the buds or it’s aroma. So, if someone were to ask you what you think recreational cannabis consumers are looking for, what would you say the answer was? I’d definitely think price or potency, and I was dead wrong! It looks as though quality inventory and a knowledgeable staff are the two most important things. I love having a visual for this, especially in the early stages of a legalized recreational market…it can definitely help debate those who think all cannabis users are just in it for the high, this proves it’s about more than that when one’s trying to experience the high life.



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