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Music To Smoke To: As For Tomorrow (Album) From Worldwide Yung

We have a new submission to the “Music To Smoke To” section here on MNG and I’m pretty stoked about it. I usually post music from already established musicians who are more mainstream, mostly because that’s what I pay attention to, but I welcome all music from popular artists as well as anyone from the underground. I love dope sounds and if it’s good to smoke to, I want to hear it! Please send all music submissions to, @bumblebeenie, or contact us! Don’t forget to like us on FB.

With that being said I’d like to thank Worldwide Yung for linking me to his newest project, As For Tomorrow. Worldwide Yung’s an up and coming artist/designer coming to us outta Philly and his latest project is likely to tickle your ear drums with the chill beats and mellow tone, making this the perfect album to listen to after a smoke section, especially if whatever you smoked has you feeling introspective. When I asked WWY if he was down with puffing he said, “I’m definitely down with the movement, haha“, dooooope!

Listen below and follow Worldwide Yung @worldwideyung

Tape Summary: “As For Tomorrow” is a play off the concept that the future is uncertain. I wanted to create a tape that completely embodies who I am today, what I represent, and all of the struggles that have shaped me into the person I currently am. The project features 9 tracks that each give off a completely different vibe than the other. I touch on subjects that I feel the world needs to hear rather than what’s trending. It’s not your go to tape for a party, but rather a soundtrack for personal reflection.

Bio: WORLDWIDE YUNG is an up and coming artist/designer based in Philadelphia, PA. Drawing inspiration from all genres in hopes of creating an internationally appreciated sound, regardless of your background or beliefs.

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