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Puff, Pass & Paint In PDX

Not too long ago I attended the first Puff, Pass & Paint class in Portland. Started by Denver based artist, Heidi Keyes,  Puff, Pass & Paint are cannabis friendly painting classes open to cannabis users 21+. The idea was simple, to create a safe place where cannabis users can socialize, create and puff…an idea I can get behind. I’ll admit that even though my online presence may seem like I’m more of an extrovert, when you first meet me I’m quite the opposite. I imagine a lot of people in the world are quiet and introverted when you first meet, so events like these are great for people like us because the addition of cannabis loosens us up.

Puff, Pass & Paint was held at Portland Hydroponics and Organics, in Tigard. Urban Fields PDX was in the house with prerolls of their awesome strain, Jillybean, for each attendee do either take home or puff on for artistic inspiration. Jillybean is a great strain for socializing and with the it’s euphoric effects, it’s great for creativity as well. Titrate was also there and we passed around some of their vape pens, their pens are refillable and use shatter eliquids with natural terpenes that add a nice flavor while you puff. I believe we passed around their “Sexy“, which has a nice spicy floral taste to it.

The tables were separated into 3 groups and the art supplies we needed, which are included in the cost, were waiting to be used. There were about 15-20 of us in attendance and I think it was a collective decision to toke up before we started introductions. One attendee was visiting a friend all the way from Michigan, I was so stoked he could experience where the Oregon cannabis culture/community is headed. As Heidi took us step by step, there was so much laughter buzzing and toking going on in the background. People were sharing the weed that was provided, but a lot of us brought our own stashes and goodies! My new friend R brought some medicated caramel corn that was so goooooood! People weren’t just sharing, we were also gifting away nugs for our friends to enjoy at a future time.

When I first decided to hit this event, I was pretty shy about my art skills because I have none! It was nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t art, but I was high and didn’t care. Being so at ease made me not worry about the outcome, it was more about the experience in being in the here and now. While some of us were worried about the way our creations turned out, Heidi was really great at giving us positive reinforcement. As she walked around giving each of us some personal face time, you could tell she really enjoys and believes in what she’s doing. If you’re in Denver, Portland, or Seattle and looking to meet new people or just want to get out and try something new while you’re high, make sure you try Puff, Pass & Paint.

Classes are now being offered in Portland and Seattle, you can find a class here. The next class in Portland will be at Prism House on January 30th.

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