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Reefer Madness & How Cannabis Users Are Portrayed In The Media

If we wanted to give a true example of the word cliche, then the way cannabis users are often portrayed in the media and movies is just that…a cliche.

All this anti-cannabis brain-washing started decades ago when laws in the US changed, all of a sudden cannabis became known as the “evil plant”. A lot of movies were a part of this orchestrated propaganda like, Reefer Madness. The whole situation would be funny, if it hadn’t destroyed the lives of so many people. Some ended up in prison, stigmatized, and isolated.

reefer madness

These VERY old fashioned pieces of content often portrayed cannabis users as unwashed, spaced out, and non-productive. Just someone who spends their life in front of the tv eating loads of junk food. In a lot of these movies cannabis users easily turn into heavily addicted users of other hard drugs like heroin, almost instantly and their life is a mess until they somehow die. There always has to be a problem in the personality of a weed smoker as presented in the media: antisocial problematic behavior, psychological issues, explosions of violence, often combined with sad situations – miserable families, and a lot of sad colors in the background.

We need to say that this kind of prohibition culture still exists in the biggest part of the planet we live in. While alcohol consumption is totally accepted in the media, smoking weed or holding a vaporizer is still seen as taboo.

Hopefully with recent legalizations the US, Canada, Uruguay, and other European countries, things will rapidly change. Now more than ever before medical marijuana is recognized as a valuable way for people to treat serious illnesses, as a result the image of a weed smoker is starting to change. The consumption of cannabis is something that’s becoming socially acceptable and as it’s not seen as “dirty”, or illegal, and with that people are starting to feel more comfortable opening a dialogue without feeling guilty.

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