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Strain Review: Cinex From Urban Fields PDX

Back when weed first became legal to purchase in Washington, back when it was over $100 for an 8th I reviewed the strain, Cinex, a hybrid whose parents are Cinderella 99 and Vortex. For this review I take on Cinex, grown by Portland grower, Urban Fields PDX, i’ll have more of their strains to review in the future. Half-Baked-quotes-2I can say Urban Fields has great product that’s always grown and treated with care to ensure quality buds that are properly cured and beautifully trimmed. Cinex has, full, pale-green, pillowy nugs that are spattered with bright, white trichomes, and lovely little light-orange pistils enveloped within that have you saying “Come On Smoke Me!”. This strain isn’t all looks, expect a strong sweet citrus smell, almost like a lemon skittle, that’ll leave a flavorful earthy taste lingering on the lips.

It takes a couple minutes for the effects to kick in, but when I smoke Cinex I’m always uplifted and restored, making me feel like I can conquer the world. It starts off in my mind, then I can feel it take over my whole body spreading it’s effects like a disease, but one I want. I’ve always had great focus and control while smoking this too, I’ll feel high, but able to function on levels of 100% or more. My favorite time to smoke Cinex is before an early morning workout, it’s never hindered my performance and has always kept me in the zone and helps my endurance.

I’m going to make a bold statement and dub Cinex the Swiss Army Knife of strains. It’s a multifaceted tool that fights fatigue and nausea: after a few tokes you’re ready to function like a normal human. It’ll kill queasy/squeamish symptoms due to PMS, nervousness, social anxiety, hangover, or over exertion. It can also help those who find themselves easily distracted and need assistance staying on task. Cinex is a working man’s strain, in that it’s ability to keep your mind locked in is perfect, and for people who need creative inspiration this is a win as well.

Cinex: 8 – B-Real


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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