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Strain Review: Deep Space Pre-roll From Avitas

It’s not often that I smoke a pre-roll all the way through without stopping, but with Deep Space, an indica strain grown by Washington’s Avitas Agriculture, I sure as fuck did! The pre-roll itself was rolled nicely  and burned evenly with no runny edges, I didn’t even have to loosen it up before I started smoking. I roll ugly joints, so I rely on pre-rolls when I need a nice J to end my night.

The scent can only be described as a celestial mix of sweet and earthy with some of spicy undertones. When I talked with Avitas, they described it as a pungent spicy scent that’s almost like garlic. My only qualm with pre-rolls is that I want to touch and feel the buds, I feel like it’s scent comes through best when you can break the bud open and get a big whiff. As you can see from the pic provided by Avitas, Deep Space has some deep hues of purple, with bright orange pistils which both contrast beautifully off one another.

The Deep Space pre-roll was recommended to me by the awesome people at H.E.M.P. while I was there for one of their “Fatty Fridays” a month or two back (currently not on their menu) . I was saving it for a special occasion because for some reason I felt like it was one of those strains that needed your full attention. The night I decided to smoke it was when Kid Cudi released his latest album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven (non Spotify members), somehow I knew these two would become kindred spirits and I’m glad I was right. While I was listening to the album, I had this sense of empathy while listening, like I was right there with Cudi.

I felt like I was riding a wave of calm and loving energy as I was slowly floating through the universe. While this felt like a heady adventure, my body was nice and relaxed, but not so relaxed that I felt sleepy. tumblr_mpbp33fhlc1r46lzko1_500You can also expect some introspective feelings while on this adventure, definitely something that you can smoke before Yoga or meditation. Deep Space is great at kicking somber moods in the ass, so if you suffer from depression or constantly feel sad pick some of this up. For those not suffering from either of those ailments, Deep Space is a good strain to for a chill night. I’d like to thank the social media team over at Avitas, they were awesome enough to send a pic so I could share it’s beauty with you guys. 

Deep Space: 6 – Woody Harrelson


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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