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Strain Review: Green Queen From NW Custom Chronic

Green Queen is a hybrid strain that comes from Green Crack + Space Queen, the sample I’m reviewing is from NW Custom Chronic a grower in Washington and you can find it at the Herbery. Right off the bat I fell in love with Green Queen and her majestic scent of fresh flowers with sweet, earthy tones. After exhaling I was pleased with the musky aftertaste that stayed on my lips. The bud itself was robust and sticky – packed tightly and still full and fluffy, lime green in color with a yellow-gold hue.

I decided to smoke this after a long day of running errands on a cold and gloomy day. After all my errands were said and done I pampered myself with a brow threading (ouch)  and a mani/pedi (mmmmm), the real treat though was the Green Queen that was waiting for me at home. Green Queen is a good wind down strain that doesn’t wind you down, it relaxes you, but the surge of energy I felt throughout was nice.

The high set in about 5 minutes after my first bong hit, at first the effects were mostly felt in my forehead and eyes, my vision had a euphoric fog to it, sorta dreamy and spacey. As it progressed I felt a sense of relief all over and definitely less tense. Green Queen is a mid-high level strain, which means you don’t need much to feel what she has to offer, I’m a lush so I went full gusto and smoked the whole gram that night…for science! Though Green Queen is mid-high, I felt a great deal of control throughout, it was very good at keeping me motivated and sparked creativity keeping me in a worker-bee  type of mode.

Most strains will change your outlook and give you a more cheery and relaxed demeanor, but I feel like Green Queen does it in a way that’s less noticeable and does it in a way that feels natural. It changed my overall outlook that night, I was tired and that sluggishness disappeared within minutes. My overall mood was now one of those where I felt like I could conquer anything. tumblr_nkaq24hVro1qj4315o1_500I felt empowered and confident with sprinkles of a goofy type of happiness. I can see Green Queen helping people suffering from nausea, fatigue, those with self esteem issues, stress, and can definitely see this helping people who suffer from creative blocks. This is a good strain to pamper yourself with so make sure you TREAT YO’SELF to some Green Queen and thank me later!

Green Queen: 7 – Redman


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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