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Strain Review: Plushberry From Rogue Raven Farms

Grown by Rogue Raven Farms, in Washington, Plushberry is an indica strain that comes from Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen. It’s scent was a subtle sweet berry-like smell that reminded me of a grape Laffy Taffy. The buds were a mix of light and dark green, with some purple weaved throughout, and a lovely layer of crystals. I really enjoyed how plush and delicate Plusberry was, a grinder wasn’t necessary, you could easily break the buds down with your fingers with little effort. When I did use the grinder, a half turn was enough to break it down and it left a nice pile of kief (forgot to take a pic, boo!)

After the first bong hit, I could feel this start off in my face and eyes (they were low AF), and eventually my body was blanketed lavishly, with happy, calm feelings. I was relaxed and felt as though I was in this palatial state of being that I didn’t want to end. Plushberry is an indica, but it didn’t make me feel tired or groggy, more of a relaxed body and head high. This is definitely a strain you’d smoke if you’re looking to to stay in and chill, definitely not something I’d smoke first thing in the morning, or if you’re gonna be out running errands.

Plushberry is a good strain for when you need some self care (can see it pairing well with a hot bath); it’s way of peeling away layers of anger, stress, or frustration are magnificent (PMS relief!!). While it didn’t do much in the way of pain relief for me, my mental health wasn’t great the day I smoked it and I did get a lot of relief there and it was much needed. You can find Plushberry at High End Market Place: $15/g or $50/3.5g

Plushberry: 9 – Snoop 


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