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Topical Review: Empower 4Play Sensual Oil

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I think it’s time we all stray from the norm. Let’s leave crowded restaurants and overpriced flowers in the past and move onto something more sexy and tantalizing by staying in and playing with yourself or a partner. There’ve been numerous products that aim to help enhance arousal during sex or masturbation and I’m here to tell you about one that works and it’s cannabis infused.

Empower 4Play is a cannabis infused sensual oil that enhances arousal and intensifies pleasurable sensations when you’re getting down and dirty, whether it’s with yourself or a partner. Empower 4Play contains: fractionated coconut oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils, and unlike Empower’s other products contains activated cannabis oil extract and can cause intoxication when applied to mucous membranes.

The product comes in a small tube that’s cleverly shaped like a tube of lipstick (looks just like a Mac tube) which makes it super convenient to toss in your pocket or purse. Suggestions for use say to apply 1-6 sprays of Empower 4Play to the desired areas and massage. The product is oil-based and is known to degrade latex.

DISCLAIMER: I want to mention that I’ve only used this product on myself and have yet to use it with a partner. Also I say the word nipples and pussy so if you’re a prude, move on.

I had read reviews of sensual oils from different companies and definitely wanted to try it out. I take my *me* time seriously and always up for trying new things, especially ones that aim to make me feel good. The taste and smell of Empower’s 4Play can be described as a sweet, aromatic lemon scent, it’s so lovely! As far as sensual oils go the feel of this stuff is nice too, it’s not too sticky or oily and blends well into the skin.

When I used it for the first time, I had a day off and was home alone, and feeling extremely FRISKY and compressed. It was one of those days where you aim for self care and pampering: mani/pedi followed by a little self love and internet porn. I started off with a smoke session to relax and found some inspiration online before generously applying the oil. Within minutes I could feel its effects take course.

There was a definitive surge in sexual energy throughout my whole body. I felt entranced, to the point where I just wanted to be pleasured and worshipped. My mind was in a sexual haze. Although my body was reasonably relaxed, my nipples were so hard and the intensity with which I was throbbing was something I’ll not soon forget.

At the peak of the high, my pussy felt as though it had some sort of mystical power all its own. As I laid there, that power enveloped heavily in my mind and body. It felt like my pussy and what it desired was in complete control. Through each orgasm (I literally lost count), in euphoric ecstasy, I explored every last inch of my body, which was sensitive to touch, everything felt so amazingly good. (Here’s a male perspective on Empower 4Play

Empower 4Play isn’t just your average sensual oil, it has many uses aside from the pleasure angle, it can help relieve stress, symptoms of ADD for ppl who have a hard time focusing, women who suffer pain during intercourse, and thoe with nerve pain. It can help you relaxed and be in the moment.

I highly recommend you Empower the mystical pussy/penis powers you hold within with 4Play, I know I did! (Currently for OMMP patients only)

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