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Portland Dispensary Fixes Controversial Mural

After receiving complaiints regarding a contorversial mural that was supposed to brighten up the neighborhood, local Portland dispensary, Alternative Solutions has decided to change the mural to appease the community.

The mural in question is displayed on one of the shops walls outside their building for all to see and features a space monkey chillin’ on the moon with his trusty dab gun. Created by local artist Pablo Gonzalez, the mural cost the owner Dan Van Wormer $1000. Van Wormer told Katu that the mural “It was for the neighborhood, to clean it up, give it some color, some fresh air”.

Not everyone’s in love with the mural though, a complaint was filed with the city of Portland because it shows cannabis use & MY GOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN! The city confirmed the complaint and also stated that their was no permit to have the mural painted in the first place.

After officials launched an investigation into the mural, Dan Van Wormer decided to have the mural changed and replaced the dab gun with a peace sign. He told Katu that he wasn’t forced to change the mural, but decided to do it out of respect for the community his shop inhabits.

On the one hand, I think it’s noble for Van Wormer to satisfy the community by changing the mural, but on the other I find it highly contradictory that we as a society feel we have to make him change it like we, especially kids aren’t subjected to ads that are way worse than a monkey holding a dab gun. I’m hoping a move like this will show the public that “drug dealers” do care about their communities in more ways than one, and that not all cannabis consumers are “anti authority”. (via)

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