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Talking Loud Episode 1

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The first episode of Talking Loud is upon us, it’s a little long, but my cohost Buzz and I discuss:

We just got a bunch of new emojis like the taco, unicorn and middle finger, why is the Kimoji app the only one with emojis for cannabis users? We also touch on how Becks is getting tired of the K-Klan and Yeezy and hopes his new album can shut the haters up!

Becks puffed on some Jillybean, a citrusy hybrid that you can smoke day or night, I’ve found it helps to uplift you with mild pain relief. I use it as my daily BS fighter!

We also talk about Portlands Canna Events: Yoganja + Heartbeat Silent Disco, Puff Pass PaintPrism House PDX has a lot of great events. The best thing about Yoganja was how accepting it was. The Dope article mentioned in this episose touches on this, the instructor was awesome at making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Becks mentions her review for Empower 4Play, a cannabis infused sensual oil. Not only am I sharing personal things about myself, but my mom reads this shit too! Becks also met. I also Met Talib Kweli at H.E.M.P.’s 1 year anny party. They did a fucking great job letting their customers know they’re loved. 3 days of special guest, specials, raffles and free donuts?

Buzz & Becks also talked about celebs lending their face to cannabis products and if it really matters for sales in the long run. Of course people like Tommy Chong have used it medicinally, but what about people who are just cashing in without advocacy? Is it fair? With legal cannabis sales hitting 5 Bil in 2015, we talk about why things aren’t moving forward faster. They make all this money & FB/IG still deleting weed related profiles?

Buzz Killington is excited for the Xfiles reboot and thinks it’s been done well, while Becks isn’t on the Xfiles tip, her new obsession the Black Tapes Podcast is back for a second season.

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