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Talking Loud Episode 2

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Episode 2 of the Talking Loud Podcast is ready to be consumed! It’s been awhile since we recorded, but Becks was infected with the bug that’s going around. We start off with a discussion on a new obsession, The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, it’s hard not to get sucked into this series because it’s so campy. We were both alive when all this OJ craziness went down, so reliving it through this show is a fun experience.

Becks hacks her lungs out on some Gorilla Glue #4 from Urban Fields PDX, while Buzz smokes a little Monster Cookies from Peace In Medicine. Gorilla Glue #4 is one of my favorite strains to get rid of pain and nausea, it has wonderful stress relieving qualities as well. Gorilla Glue can make you feel stuck, so I recommend taking it slow. Monster Cookies is an indica cross with euphoria and relaxation.

Our first story was about the woman who decided to drink a whole bottle of Foria, a cannabis infused sensual oil. I was annoyed when I first read this story because in a time when we’re trying to destigmatize, someone decides to chronicle a horrible decision and while it is funny, I think it looks sorta tacky. We talk at length about edibles and realize that we should do a special episode dedicated to them to help educate ourselves and our listeners out there.

Not all Stoners are anti-authority, a Portland shop decided to appease neighbors by fixing a mural that was painted outside their shop depicting a astronaut monkey with a dab gun. Merry Jane did a profile on Cynthia DeMatteo a glass designer creating custom video game themed smoking devices. I love how unique these pieces are and the fact that she’s a woman is a plus, here’s another interview with Cynthia, but this one’s more about her process and less about her pieces, check her out on Instagram.

Girl Scout Cookies are back and they’re probably chillin’ outside your favorite shop to fulfill your munchies needs. While the Girl Scout Cookies organization doesn’t condone the sale outside dispensaries it isn’t illegal and a great sales tactic. Is Cannabis the next Internet? Alan Gertner wrote about why he chose to quit his high paying job at Google to find his passion in the cannabis industry. While stories like this are inspiring, it should be mentioned that not everyone can up and quit their jobs to find their passion. This isn’t the only story like this and it won’t be the last, if weed is the next “internet” how long until we’re oversaturated?

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