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Weediquette: Stoned Kids


Feb 29, Viceland, will hit most cable/satellite providers with fresh content and classic Vice shows.  Weediquette is one of the shows making it’s jump to televisions across the US  and Canada, check your local listings for availability.

The season premiere of Weediquette titled, “Stoned Kids” follows host, Krishna Andavolu as he travels to Oregon and California to meet with families who have turned to cannabis as a way to treat the cancer that’s affected their children. (via)

Weediquette will launch on Viceland 3/1!

“In the series, VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu chronicles the science, culture, and economics of the emerging “green” economy. Each episode of WEEDIQUETTE explores the impact of marijuana legalization across the United States and internationally, examining how people on all sides of this issue are reacting to the growing popularity and acceptance of this remarkable plant.”

I’m excited to see where Weediquette takes us and what it can teach people about cannabis, legalization and the fight to destigmatize.

Weediquette Trailer:


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