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World Famous Cannabis Cafe Seeking Musicians For Entertainment


Are you a musician looking for a gig?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like performing in front of a crowd without the booze? At the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, alcohol is prohibited, but sharing your green isn’t. Most performers are familiar with their audience being under the influence of alcohol, but how different is it when it’s just cannabis?

The World Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland is looking for talent to entertain their patrons. Portland’s known for their unique scene and I think this could be a great opportunity for musicians who are looking for a new type of venue to play.

They’d love to hear from you with any and all info regarding your music/group: SoundCloud, BandcampReverbNation or YouTube. Send all emails to

They’re looking for: Blues, funk, soul, rock, reggae, and hip-hop.


If you’re someone who plays acoustic music, they’re looking for people to perform on Wednesdays as well!

I haven’t been able to check out the WFCC, but they always have something going on and by the looks of my Instagram feed, they seem to get a good deal of foot traffic from people wanting a place other than their house to puff and socialize.

Please share this with anyone who might be interested and hope to see you there soon!

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