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Yoganja At Prism House PDX

Gray skies and colder temps always do a number on my mind, body, and soul. Just like the fictional character Dexter, the cold weather slowly tortures my bones with aches and pains, then plays mind games with me like “when was the last time you saw the sun?” leaving me in the fetal position waiting to die. So, where does one turn when they need to recharge? Sure, you could float (something I need to do again soon), or get drunk with friends, but why not try something a little healthier like, Yoganja?

Yoga isn’t for everyone, and neither is ganja, but if you have a love for one and an interest in the other, I highly recommend giving it a shot. The Yoganja class I attended was taught at Prism House PDX a lovely 1915 house in the Parkrose area in Portland and has been host to numerous cannabis events in the area, held by owners Samantha and Chris Montanaro. The class was taught by yoga teacher Kristen Mico who teaches the MUDLOTUS yoga practice. Cannabis is usually provided before, during, and after the class, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own to enjoy or share. The only thing you really need to remember for Yonganja is that all events are 21+ and to bring your mat and any yoga accessories you’ll need. We all shared a joint before the class as we introduced ourselves and during the class we were all given a Titrate pen to puff on during the class.

Yonjaga was recently featured in the February issue of Dope magazine and the author of the article, Trista Okel (of Empower Oil) touched on her reluctance and that of others people when it comes to attending a Yoga class. I know that I’ve felt that way and still do when I’m trying to comprehend what in the actual fuck, “move your hips away from your heart and widen them towards the wall” means…I know where they’re going with it, but making my body move that way? That’s a different story. Heh.

Kristen was a great instructor; as she guided us through each movement I felt more and more relaxed. I’m very new to yoga, I only practice at home where nobody can see me, and the only classes I’ve attended have been cannabis infused, so my range of what poses I can do and for how long can be limited. Kristen helped me shake those nerves with encouraging words while she helped adjust my poses to make sure I was holding them right, she did this with others as well. The nice thing about yoga and cannabis merging into one is where it takes your mind, both are methods of relaxation, so when you combine the two you’re taken to this place where you’re more at ease with your surroundings and at maximum levels of euphoric comfort, at least that’s what it felt like for me.

Making friends at yoganja is easy because everyone is so friendly, the group for this class small, but diverse with men and women ranging from their mid 20’s to their 40’s all wanting to feel a little more enlightened and rejuvenated. After the class we reconvened in the Prism House kitchen for refreshments and snacks, it was cool listening to the different discussions being had surrounding cannabis: the industry, the people, the culture, where it’s headed and our likes and dislikes. It’s funny how a plant can bring so many different people together, it’s one of my favorite things about hitting cannabis events, seeing how different each consumer is. I even made a puppy friend during the class, that little furball wouldn’t leave my side!

What strains should your bring to Yoganja? I’d suggest staying away from strong strains indica/sativa; anything that helps you stay focused and keeps your endurance in tact is always a plus. Strains like Jillybean and Cinex are two of my favorite strains to use when I’m being physically active, they keep me focused and in control while also feeling calming euphoric effects. Think uplifting with mild energy and mild soothing effects. What are some of your favorite strains to smoke before or during yoga?

Yoganja is the first Saturday of each month, the next class is March 5 and will be taught by, Ashley Preece-Sackett, get tix here. Check out Prism House PDX for other cannabis events.

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