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Strain Review: Jillybean From Urban Fields PDX

Since starting this blog/website I always get asked what strains I use for stress and anxiety. There’s a plethora of strains out there that are used to treat stress and anxiety, but you have to figure out which works best for you. One thing you need to figure out before you pick a strain is to identify if you’re looking for something more uplifting, or something that makes you feel more relaxed. I find myself recommending the strain Jillybean to a lot of new smokers and old, it’s recently become one of my favorites and a staple in my daily chronic repertoire when it’s available.

Jillybean is a hybrid strain, crossed between Orange Velvet and Space Queen, both also hybrid strains themselves. The grower for this is Urban Fields PDX (more reviews to come soon), I previously reviewed their Cinex strain, another of my favorites. Jillybean has beautiful, chunky, bright buds with some mild grayish-purple tones throughout. When you open a jar of JB you’ll be punched in the face with sweet and sour citrus tones, I get a very pungent hint of tangerine, my friend compared Jillybean to a jar of lemon jelly beans. Expect a pleasant citrus aftertaste, reminiscent to a VERY lemony lemon drop.

Expect happy and euphoric thoughts with uplifting qualities and a nice relaxed feeling. This strain is great for day and night because while it can create a mental energy, you get a sense of calm as it works through your system as well. Whenever I smoke JB I always get an instant head high, then my eyes start to feel a little heavy and full, anime eyes like an anime character in a dreamy fog. As the Jillybean journey moves forward I eventually started to feel some wonderful, mild pain relieving qualities, the only drawback is that when I smoke this when I’m tired, it can make my eyes feel dry and itchy.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I recommend Jillybean often, mostly because I’ve felt it has more than one use. It’s great to use when you’re feeling fatigued or nauseous, and does give some pain relief. It doesn’t make you feel too groggy, so it’s great for daytime use, mix that with it’s dreamy and euphoric feelings and it’s great for when you need to creative inspiration. You can smoke this before any social obligations and float on through feeling nice and buzzy. Given all I’ve mentioned, why wouldn’t I recommend this strain to people? When it’s available, I always choose Jillybean as my personal antidepressant stress fighter, and without pesky side effects like many pills cause and smells and tastes magnificent? FUCKING SCORE!

Jillybean: 5 – Rihanna


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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