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Talking Loud Episode 3

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Episode 3 of Talking Loud is ready for your ears!

Becks started things by puffing  on her Cedar Creek OG Kush vape, while Bryan was smokin’ some Gluten Free Cookies. We ran down some of the local events happening in the Portland/Vancouver area like High End’s Sunday Session happening this Sunday, featuring live art by Jessie Jordan, one of their awesome budtenders. At the end of April, The Willamette Week, along with Farma and Cascadia Labs are gonna be hosting Cultivation Classic, a competition celebrating organic growing methods. On the east coast, a new comedy series will be premiering called East Coast Grow, a show that satirizes the industry in D.C., along with some of the things cannabusiness owners face within the industry.

After we talk about how High End Market Place will start 3rd party testing, after many banned pesticides showed up in some of the cannabis being sold on the I502 market, we talk about Viceland. Viceland is a new channel from Vice and they have a ton of new programming that’s opening a lot of people’s eyes to what’s going on in other parts of the globe. We talk about Bompton, Fuck That’s Delicious, Gaycation, and of course Weediquette. Weediquette is a show that focuses on issues surrounding cannabis like parents who medicate their children with cannabis, the war on drugs, and vets fighting to be able to use cannabis for their PTSD.

Other stories/things mentioned:
FDA banning CBD’s

Sanjay Gupta’s Weed Documentary, Weed 2, Weed 3

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