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WIRE: High End Market Place To begin Third Party Lab Testing

High End Market Place to begin third party lab testing after revelations of rampant banned pesticides surface in the i-502 market

Vancouver, WA: Since our grand opening on January 31st, 2015, our team of in-house experts has visited over 100 producer/processor facilities in the state of Washington. We take pride in offering only the highest quality, most responsibly produced cannabis products in this young recreational market. We do this because the agricultural product we are selling is ingestible, and we understand the importance of being as proactive as possible to offer the safest products to our customers, and choose partners based on this model as well.

In lieu of the recent revelations surfacing regarding banned pesticides in the i-502 recreational market, and with the upcoming integration of previously unregulated medical marijuana market, we at H.E.M.P. will begin third party testing as an extra precaution to providing safe access to our customers, community, and in July 2016, our patients.

We have been nothing but transparent and proactive in the i-502 market, and take the use of unapproved pesticides very seriously.Co-owner Gareth Kautz explains, Weve gone above and beyond since before we opened, on the road visiting every grow we purchase from and many more that didnt pass our strict quality standards.  We are very concerned  that irresponsible practices seem to be widespread and products are being sold in the i-502 market that may not be safe to ingest.  We hope that the spotlight on these revelations will bring about improvements in the standards and practices of the entire industry.Kautz continues, We use the products we carry ourselves. Our families use these products. And soon, our patients will use these products. We trust our partners 100%, and stand behind the cannabis they provide us. We have maintained this model since day one, and will continue to work closely with our trusted partners to ensure only the cleanest, highest quality products make it to our shelves. We hope third party testing proves to be a viable option in offering assurance and safe access to our customers, community, and soon, our patients.

About High End Market Place: Situated in a 1940s craftsman style house on Broadway in downtown Vancouver, WA, High End Market Place (H.E.M.P.) offers a unique recreational cannabis shopping experience. H.E.M.P.s mission is to sell the highest quality cannabis, concentrates, edibles, tincture, CBD oil, and infused beverages at competitive prices to those 21+. We are passionate and knowledgeable and our carefully curated cannabis menu reflects this. We are proud to offer a refreshing and intimate atmosphere where customers feel comfortable asking questions about the marijuana products that may be right for them.

Contact: Morgan Hutchinson, CEO

High End Market Place

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