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Product Review: Blazin Bottles Kit

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only bring three items with you what would they be? I’d bring a good book, a hefty stash of dank bud, and my Green Triangle Bottle ($55) from Blazin Bottles

Blazin Bottles is a new company, so new they just recently launched their products and gave me the chance to test a couple of them out. I am part of their Brand Ambassador program, so I did receive a discount, but my review is 100% unbiased. I do not get paid for this review, instead they gave me a promo code for my friends and followers to receive a slight discount on their order, when my code is used I am then given incentive points that can be used towards prizes when enough of them are accumulated. If you’re interested in being a Brand Ambassador find out more here.

What’s a Blazin Bottle you ask? Easy, a bottle with holes drilled into them that you use to smoke out of. Each Blazin Bottle kit comes with a Blazin Bottle, Blazin Bowl, Blazin Party Bowl, Blazin Bag, 3 Blazin vinyl stickers, a Blazin Bowl Holder (also doubles as a weed container). There’s a variety of different bottle options to choose from, you can get replicas of a Squirt, Coke or Voss bottles, or you can go the deco route and get something a little more unique and modern in multiple sizes and colors. When your bowls have served their purpose you can order extra parts on their website at a decent price.

To use your Blazin Bottles, insert your Blazin Bowl, or Party Bowl into the top hole, load it and then as you spark it up place your finger on the carb hole at the end of the bottle, then inhale. Blazin’ Bottles recommends that you only use a Bic lighter when lighting up, so no matches, zippos, or torches. Before inserting your bowl, make sure the rubber piece at the end is attached, both bowls are universal and work with every Blazin Bottle.

I chose to go with the green Triangle Bottle, and was also sent a custom Bawls Bottle (currently not for sale) for being the dope chica that I am. When I received my kit I couldn’t wait to try them out, but was saddened to see my Triangle Bottle was damaged during shipping, but Blazin Bottles came to my rescue! If something happens to your bottle during shipping make sure you email Blazin Bottles. When I messaged them not only did they respond in a speedy manner, but they had a replacement sent out to me the next day. Nothing beats good customer service and fast shipping!

While I waited for the Triangle Bottle I spent some time with the Bawls Bottle, which is about the same size as the other soda bottles they carry on their website. I attached the Blazin Bowl to the hole on top, loaded it, and lit that shit up! I didn’t think the bottle would hit too hard, but as the smoke collected inside I was like “Becks, get ready to be lit”, and I was! After about 3 more hits I was in a toasty place. I received my Triangle Bottle a few days later and LORT…I thought the Bawls Bottle hit hard? The Triangle hits harder! If you’re using the Triangle Bottle alone make sure you say your prayers because you’ll need lungs like Michael Phelps if you hit this and don’t cough. I’m glad I have two sizes of the bottles, I can use the smaller one when it’s just me and the bigger one when I’m with friends.

When I clean my pipe or bong I use kosher salt and rubbing alcohol to clean the residue and buildup left from smoking, so here’s what they recommend for cleaning:

Normal Cleaning – Remove bowl and soak in warm water with mild dish soap after each use, when soaking is complete rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Deep Cleaning – Add 4 teaspoons of salt to ½ a cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol and shake vigorously, rinse and then air dry. (this is the same way I clean my pipe and bong and always gets my pieces nice and clean, but I use 90% alcohol and for salt I use Kosher, but any kind of coarse salt will work)

Bowl Cleaning – Soak the empty bowl in 70% alcohol for 15-20 minutes, after soaking use a Q-tip to brush out the gunk on the inside of the bowl, repeat as need. When bowl is clean rinse with hot water and dish soap, then air dry. Make sure to clean the rubber gasket that’s attached to the end of the bowl as this will also get dirty after multiple uses.

I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome both bottles and stoked I got to try them out. The Triangle bottle has thick glass, so it doesn’t feel cheap or like it’d break easily, same with the Bawls bottle. The Blazin Bowls are made of a lightweight metal and come in two sizes, one for when you’re having a solo sesh and the other for when you’re seshing with pals. Both are a decent size and can hold a good amount of bud in each. The container and bag are a nice touch, making it easy to transport your pieces around when you’re on the go. You can also use your bottles as decorations, I plan to use mine as vases when they’re not in use, making it easy to keep them hidden from the untrained eye. So stray from the norm and smoke out of something a bit more unique by giving Blazin Bottles a try.

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