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Product Review: G Pen Elite Review From Cannabis Daily Record

Hey all! As some of you may know, I contribute to another cannabis blog called Cannabis Daily Record. As I contribute more to CDR, I would like to share some of those posts here on my site, it won’t be every post, just ones I think fit here on MNG.

Below is my review of the G Pen Elite from Grenco Science and hope you enjoy. (you can find some of my posts here)


The G Pen Elite, newly released from Grenco Science, is a sleek, easy to use dry herb vaporizer that’s lightweight and great on-the-go.


I first used heat my Elite at 300 degrees and decided to use some Cinex to break it in (since then I’ve used Tangie, Jillybean and Gorilla Glue #4, and they all taste SO good!).

The temperature of the Elite is customizable and can heat your product anywhere from 200 – 428 degrees F (93 – 220 degrees C). And the low heat option gives you the opportunity to experiment and find the flavor profile that tickles your fancy.

I’m not very experienced when it comes to vaporizers, so sometimes I get confused when I don’t see a puff of smoke.

With vaporizers, though, you usually don’t see a thick cloud of smoke. It’s much fainter, and that can make it hard to determine how much material you’re actually smoking.

Loading your Elite is simple, just remove the mouthpiece and load your ground buds into the chamber, making sure not to overpack it. I found that removing the mouthpiece was a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you’re all good.

To turn your vaporizer on, click the power button five times, and then another five times to turn it off. Your device will turn off after 40 seconds if heat hasn’t been initiated. If you have initiated heat, your device will turn off after five minutes.


To choose your desired temperature use the buttons on the side of your device, then hold the power button for one second while your Elite heats up. I timed mine and it took about 24 seconds to reach 357 degrees.

Since I didn’t feel like I got a good draw the first time I used it on a low setting, I increased the temperature to 320, which seemed perfect. After three draws I felt nice and toasty, and loved the woodsy taste of Cinex on my tongue and lips.

To get the best flavor profile out of your Elite I would definitely recommend using it on a lower temperature, I’ve been using mine at 320 – 357 and feel like those work well. You can use thishelpful guide from Civilized that helps you customize your vaping sesh by telling you which temperature is right for the products  you’re trying to use in your vaporizer.

The Elite vaporizer uses a lithium battery with smart chip technology and has a fully ceramic, coil-less 360 chamber. It touts itself as the only vaporizer to have the largest chamber capacity at 0.75 grams.



The LED display screen on the side of your Elite vaporizer displays the chamber temperature and battery life (4 bars means your device is fully charged). With an all black sleek look and ergonomic design, the Elite is nice and compact.

The G Pen Elite also comes with: Vaporizer, Grinder Card, G Pen Tool, Cleaning Brush, and USB charging cord.

The grinder card is a nice tool to have handy, you basically use it like a cheese grater by scraping your buds against the holes. It’s easy enough to slip into your wallet if you’re on the go.

You can use the loading tool as a keychain for when you’re on the move as well, making the vaporizer and its accessories very portable. I use the cleaning brush about every other use to keep the chamber clean. The charger itself is USB, but I do wish they gave you the option to charge your Elite with a normal outlet as well.

The battery life is pretty decent too, I used mine about every other day and only charged it once a week

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