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Strain Review: Honey Badger Haze From Cannabis Daily Record

This review was previously posted at Cannabis Daily Record, a website where I contribute. I enjoy sharing my some of my contributions to my own website as well, where I also review strains and other products.

Strain: Honey Badger Haze (Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Cinderella 99White Widow and Mrs. Universe 10)
Grower: Innernode Organics (Oregon) (purchased from Five Zero Trees in Portland)
Onset time: A few minutes, felt it kick in after 2 bong hits.
Fade: Depends on how much you smoke, a little goes a long way. I smoked about a gram of this and it didn’t wear off for about 2-3 hrs.
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Face, eyes, head, eyes felt heavy, a little pressure in my forehead. Very heady and heavy in the eyes.
Control: Good control, pretty stoney, but very motivating strain with good concentration qualities
Emotions: A nice happy, buzzy feeling. Perked up with a goofy sense and nice wavy feeling in the body
Paranoia: None
Energy level: High, when I smoked this I was tired with a massive headache, this woke me up fast
Smell: Sweet & creamy with citrus and earthy, pine notes. Pleasant taste, citrus & spicy. You can definitely get the haze smell and taste.
Relieves: Social anxiety, stress, mild pain relief
Positives: I very much enjoy strains that give great uplifting feelings, this is one of them. Great for social situations: concerts, etc. But can also enjoy this alone when you want to be creative or get daily tasks done, just go easy w/ this because it’s strong.
Negatives: This makes you look really stoned, so if you’re trying to fly under the radar, maybe only take 1-2 small tokes. When I was coming down I did get a small headache
Other notes: Definitely something I would wake and bake with, awesome daytime strain. Would love to have this for stressful times because it zaps shitty feelings away and makes me feel invincible like an actual Honey Badger.

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