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Dawg Star Cannabis Is Setting A Standard Of Excellence

Dawg Star Cannabis is an I502 processor in Washington, I’ve tried their weed once and loved it, but they also have some of the best packaging I’ve seen on the rec side. This is something I haven’t really talked about on this website, but I think I’m gonna try to change that in the future by sharing some of my favorite companies and their branding/packaging. I just want to clearly state that I’m not a marketing/branding expert, but I am a consumer and I know what catches my eye.

I love a good product that comes inside a pretty package and Dawg Star is really setting a standard of excellence with their packaging and branding. They package all their flower in thick glass jars and are labeled clearly: Body, Mind, Mood, with a short description of the effects you should expect to feel: creative, uplifted, relaxed. Where do they get off making it so simple!? Kidding.

It’s awesome that Dawg Star has made it easy for consumers to identify what strains to choose, especially for the less experienced consumer, or if you’re in a hurry. The glass jars and simple, but beautiful labels leave a lasting impression and shows that they believe in the quality of their product by going the extra mile.

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