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Doggie Dash Event via High End Market Place

Looking for new glass that’s going towards a good cause? Consider checking out High End Market Place.

Right now they’re selling unique pipes and cap pendants from Jenkins Glass and 70% of the proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Humane Society. Each pendant and pipe will come in variety of different colors and each will feature a paw print adding a unique touch to each one.

If you’ve been to High End Market Place you already know they’re dog friendly, so head over and pick up a pipe to help a worthy cause! (via)


Doggie Dash is an event on May 14th @ Waterfront Park.This is a fundraiser  for the Oregon Humane Society. This is the 29th Year!

We are carrying pipes ranging from $20 – $35 and carb cap pendants that are $20 featuring adorable paw print details. Part of what is so special about these is that all proceeds are being donated (this excludes taxes and cost for materials). That means about 70% of sales is going to help this cause! They are locally made by Jenkins Glass in a series of colors – all american glass.

(For further information like making your own donation, registering for the event or just curiosities check out and follow the prompts to the Doggie Dash page.)

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