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Kind Across Is Dropping Some Terpene Knowledge


Established in 2015, based in Seattle – Kind Across works with recreational cannabis producers and processors to advocate for responsible and sustainable consumer demand throughout the state of Washington. We recognize the extent to which producers and processors go to cultivate such diverse strains and excellent product in this quickly growing industry while minimizing its impact on the environment.

This remarkable variety in aroma, color, texture, and vividly different experiences, has raised a culture of connoisseurs to astounding heights. The massive sales along with the up and coming, tightly regulated cannabis market, underscore the rising demand for a standard of quality and transparency, which will only be satisfied by those growers which show the discipline and accountability that has gotten us this far.

Thank you for supporting Kind Across as we strive to establish a culture of transparency and passion between cultivators of the finest quality cannabis product and the market’s most demanding consumers.

As more states legalize cannabis the quest for answers has begun, consumers want to know what they’re smoking and what it’s doing to them so more tests and studies are being done. People know about THC and CBD, but a newer word is being talked about and that word is “TERPENE“, terpenes are oils that give strains their unique smell and taste, they also have an effect on some of the things you feel when you smoke weed.

I just became familiar with Kind Across, they’re a website dedicated to providing lab results that contain cannabinoid and terpene results. Consumers can use the Kind Across database to view results to see what cannabinoids and terpenes a strain has so they can become better informed on the mental and physical things they might feel while consuming.

Results from growers like Vashon Velvet’sLaughing Buddha”, Trail Blazin ProductionsNightfire OG”, and Dawg Star’sCinderella’s Dream” can all be found on Kind Across along with many other strains, with more to come.

I asked founder David Johnson what the inspiration behind Kind Across was and he had this to say:

“The mission is to educate consumers on cannabis by helping them learn what makes each strain unique by providing lab data to each product and clear explanations of what the difference cannabinoids and terpenes do in a way that anybody can easily understand. Knowledge is power! All the data on this website is obtained from official lab test results from the testing companies and is updated every harvest.”

Kind Across started in December of 2015 by getting lab results from testing companies via the producers and processors in their database. They began with Dendritic Productions and things grew from there. As site traffic has increased they’re now working with facilities like Integrity Labs in Olympia so they can obtain potency results in a more streamlined way in an effort to accommodate greater volume in the future.

David also wanted to point out that they’re striving for a future where consumers can easily find potency profiles specific to any product type from any cultivator in a way that brings more purpose to the rec market. They plan to accomplish this by using terpene analysis which is rarely available to the masses, in addition to standard cannabinoid testing while focusing on the most accurate presentation possible.

Kind Across is a nifty site, both rec and medical consumers can learn a great deal from cannabinod testing and terpene analysis. As a consumer and medical patient I believe information like this should be available to the public from sources that aren’t Leafly. Don’t get me wrong, they do a great job giving you strain information, but their database is far too wide to include some of the strains we’re seeing on the recreational market or in our local area. As a blogger who provides strain reviews, terpene profiles are something I’m always interested in when I can get them, they’d help my reviews have more depth with being able to describe and understand what’s going on and recommending them in the right way.

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