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MCBA Networking Rally In Portland

Since the beginning of the “green rush” I’ve attended numerous events celebrating cannabis and numerous networking events as well. At each function I’ve learned a great deal and have met a lot of smart, awesome people. But while I’m at many of these events, I can’t help but wonder “where are the fucking minorities?”. That’s not to say there aren’t minority business owners, entrepreneurs, or industry leaders out there, because there are. When you compare that to the number of their white counterparts, many of whom are VERY affluent (because lets face it, this industry isn’t cheap), the difference is quite astounding, and this is just in the Portland/Vancouver area.

In an industry where the phrase, “there’s room for everyone” has been spouted many times, I can’t help but wonder, is there? It’s no secret that people of color have suffered the brunt of the War on Drugs by being arrested at higher rates for cannabis related charges, many of which can’t afford proper legal counsel, leaving them in jail to rot depending on how harsh your state cannabis laws are. What happens after is just as shitty, with a record most places won’t hire you let alone give your application a second glance, no matter what the issue is.

With legalization happening in many states, I believe many people of color see it as a glimmer of hope, a place where they can finally be accepted after suffering many of the hardships put on them because of the War on Drugs. Since they’ve suffered more, shouldn’t they be able to profit too? From what I’ve seen, that’s not necessarily true , but it seems like things are starting to change…sort of. For people of color who are interested in the cannabis industry, or are already in it and trying to navigate their way through it, there are outlets for you and one of them is the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

Founded in late 2015, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is the first non-profit organization created to serve the specific needs of minority cannabis entrepreneurs, workers, and patients/ consumers. The organization currently serves members from across the United States and Canada. Its 17-member board of directors is comprised of a diverse group of cannabis industry veterans and activists from across the U.S. (via)

Learn more about the cannabis industry by joining the MCBA on Saturday June 11th for their Networking Rally in Portland at the Village Ballroom from 4pm – 7pm ($10). Topics will include: cannabis business ownership, job information, medicatiing with cannabis, and cannabis criminal record expungement. Sounds like a great networking event.


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