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Product Review: Bolt (Black Kit) From Dabado

Dabbing isn’t just a way to flex on your haters.

It’s also a way to consume concentrates and I’d like to talk about a product called the Bolt from Dabado (Dah-Bah-Doh). I’m not much of a dabber, mostly due to the fact that I don’t own my own equipment, so I was quite excited when I was asked to do a product review for Dabado. So suffice to say, I’m still VERY new to the dab scene and this review will be based on a newbies perspective. Now that I’ve had the Bolt for a couple weeks I feel like I can give it a full and honest review.

The Bolt from Dabado is a battery powered dab rig that comes with Bolt with battery and magnetic stand, glass attachment, 2 types of nails: ceramic and titanium, wax container, USB charger, magnetic stainless steel carb cap with dab tool, replacement o-rings, and a travel case with foam inside with spots for each piece for safe keeping.

Before you use your Bolt I recommend fully charging it first, while charging the light will be red and once done will turn blue. After fully charging your Bolt you should get 40-50 dabs until the battery dies. Heating it up is simple, first decide which nail you want to use; for the Titanium nail press the power button 3 times, the light on the power button will be white during the process, but once it’s ready it’ll turn green. For the Ceramic nail you’ll press the power button 5 times and the light will be green during the process, but once ready it’ll turn white. When you’re ready to use your rig make sure you add a small amount water into the glass attachment, then place it over whichever nail you desire and heat it up. The nail temp can reach 980 degrees, so remember not to touch it so soon after using it.

To clean it I just used isopropyl alcohol (the stronger the better) the same way I clean my bong and pipe. I’d recommend cleaning your pieces after a few uses, they get gunky build up pretty easily and you want the best flavor profile possible. Cleaning is easy, I soaked the nails in the alcohol for a bit before using a qtip to rub away excess product. To clean the glass I poured some alcohol into the unit, shaking it vigorously to remove the gunk, depending on how dirty you let your pieces get you may need to soak them longer. Getting water out of your piece will be a little difficult, but if you blow into it at the perfect angle it should do the trick.

My first night using it, I felt quite clumsy, the nail is smaller than the ones on traditional dab rigs, and since the dab tool and magnetic carb cap come apart easily it can make it difficult mid-dab, but practice makes perfect and after spending a couple weeks with the Bolt I feel like a pro. There’s no torch involved which makes dabbing less intimidating, the torch always makes me nervous. I think the ease of use is something anyone can appreciate, especially those interested in making the leap into the #dablife.

Portability is one of the Bolts strong suits, the case keeps all your pieces in tact making it easy to pack up and take with you on whatever journey awaits. When your Bolt is completely put together it’s a little taller than a 16.9 oz water bottle, making it pretty compact, another strong suit. I’ve seen people who travel with their rigs and torches and it seems like such a hassle to me, but with the Bolt all you have to do is click a button and you’re ready to be taken to dablandia. The USB charger makes it easy to charge your Bolt when you’re out and about too, just attach it to any USB outlet and you’re good to go. The battery power on the Bolt is pretty good, since I received the Bolt I’ve only charged it once in over a week and it’s still hitting. Keep in mind that I didn’t use it daily, I just wanted to see how the battery held up with random use and no charging.

Let’s talk actual dabs though…the Bolt hits like a champ! I usually take small dabs, so the nails it comes with are the perfect size for the amount I put in them. Want more? Just heat it back up and keep going. I was quite impressed with the Bolt, it’s sleek, portable, and gets you high with little to no hassle. Dabbing is one of the best ways to taste the terpenes in cannabis, if you’ve wanted an easier way to dab you should look into a Bolt.

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