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The Starter Kit: Lemon Dream From Phantom Farms

I picked this sample of Lemon Dream up from the Phantom Farms booth at the Cultivation Classic a couple weeks ago. After a quick Leafly and Google search I couldn’t find anything on this strain (I sent Phantom Farms a message so hopefully they can help me out). From what I can tell, Lemon Dream is a hybrid strain that might lean more on the indica side because I didn’t feel much in the way of energy after I smoked some of it. The buds were sticky and robust with sweet, subtle tones of lemony zest and looked like it had been dipped in a lemon sugar coating

Since starting this blog, my main problem has been getting my reviews out and up, mostly because I save most strains for certain moments to see how they work, for example I decided to try Lemon Dream on a day with hella PMS symptoms and a soreness from my softball doubleheader that I wouldn’t wish on anyone…except Justin Bieber, fuck that guy! The pain was the least of my worries, I was mostly looking to kill the fatigue and shitty mood that’s bestowed upon me every month.

I started to feel some calming effects about a minute after my first bong hit, my eyes started to feel a little droopy, and about 15 minutes in my head started to feel some pressure and then suddenly my whole body started to feel less tense and suddenly I was inside a relaxation bubble that enveloped my whole being with an uplifted outlook and radiated feelings of love from each pore. Don’t let the soft, subtle sweetness of Lemon Dream fool you, it was pretty stoney and the stoney part felt like it creeped up on me because I found myself just sitting there in a dreamy state. Even with the low energy, I found myself able to still find a creative energy that mixed well with the euphoria I felt while also being introspective and pensive, which helped my writer’s block.

This sample of Lemon Dream came in a “Starter Kit:, the kit gives off a vintage look that’s very appealing to the eye and comes with all the essentials you’ll need to partake: ½ a gram of weed, a hemp rolling paper with hemp crutch, and some easy-strike matches. According to their newsletter the Starter Kit’s will be available in dispensaries soon, keep an eye out because these would make a nice gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself.

Lemon Dream worked really well at fighting fatigue from my PMS ordeal and helped my sore body relax. It’s like a sweet treat where you can indulge in full relaxation and pair it with a hot bath, a mani/pedi, or just something to take the edge off while you lay out under the Summer sun. My only negative thing to say about Lemon Dream is to keep the Visine close, my eyes were super dry.

Lemon Dream: 7 – Redman


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