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High End Market Place Employees to be Certified Medical Cannabis Consultants


Washington’s new medical cannabis regulation bill goes into effect July 1st and with only a few access points for medical patients in Vancouver to get their tax free medication, High End Market Place has taken the necessary steps to become certified medical cannabis consultants.

Check out the press release below for more information.

For Immediate Release: June, 22nd, 2016

Contact: Morgan Hutchinson, CEO

High End Market Place

(360) 609-0364

100% of High End Market Place Employees to be Certified Medical Marijuana Consultants

Vancouver, WA: High End Market Place is proud to announce that 100% of their employees will be certified medical marijuana consultants in July 2016. As of July 1st, H.E.M.P.s consultants will be ready to enter patients into the Washington State Department of Healths database system. If patients choose to be entered into the database, they will be able to purchase cannabis products sales tax-free, grow 6-15 plants based on physicians recommendation, purchase up to 3x the current recreational limit, and have access to certain medical-only products. They will also be available to answer any questions for individuals who may qualify as patients under the Cannabis Patient Protection Act.

In order to become a consultant, high end employees were required to take a state approved (DOH and LCB approved) 20 hour training course, become CPR certified, and submit required documentation to the Washington State Department of Health. In addition, High End staff are able to now make medically-focused recommendations on products that may help patients and individuals suffering from qualifying conditions.  

We feel that weve offered medical grade products since we opened in January 2015, and we are really excited to be one of the few stores making the shift to medical in Southwest Washington.explains owner Morgan Hutchinson. We are prepared to continue to allow safe access to the most responsibly produced cannabis in the market to date, and we understand that with this medical certification comes huge responsibility. In addition to offering access to the safest products in the market, we also need to be very sensitive to the privacy of patients information, and we are aware of the high level of security and confidentiality that will need to take place with this new medical endorsement.

In March 2016, High End Market Place began third party testing as an extra precaution to providing safe access to their customers, and the emphasis on safe products continues to be their number one priority as they move forward. After visiting over 100 producer/processor facilities across Washington State, H.E.M.P. continues to be concerned that irresponsible practices seem to be widespread and products continue to be sold in the recreational market that may not be safe to ingest. Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board released a product recall earlier this year, and we hope this deters businesses from participating in irresponsible practices as this shift from recreational to medical transforms Washingtons overall approach to cannabis.

About High End Market Place: Situated in a 1940s craftsman style house in downtown Vancouver, WA, High End Market Place (H.E.M.P.) offers a unique recreational cannabis shopping experience. H.E.M.P.s mission is to sell the highest quality cannabis, concentrates, edibles, tincture, CBD oil, and infused beverages at competitive prices to those 21+. We are passionate and knowledgeable and our carefully curated cannabis menu reflects this. We are proud to offer a refreshing and intimate atmosphere where customers feel comfortable asking questions about the marijuana products that may be right for them.

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