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Music To Smoke To: KUSH – Clara Kent ft Pharaoh Lum

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Free my girl Mary, legalize that meditation, tired of that hoe ass Molly, she too hype and so basic…

As you know I love to feature smoke & chill tracks to zone out to. The music can be submitted by you the reader and though I prefer to shed light on unsigned artists, any tracks related to weed or good to listen while you’re vibin’ on that high are welcome. So hit us up: Contact Us, Twitter,

Clara Kent is coming to us straight outta Pittsburgh, we were sent this dank track “Kush”, the second single off her A U R A project.

“Kush” is a hazy ode to Mary Jane and the chill vibes she provides. Fellow Pittsburgh artist, Pharaoh Lum drops a dope verse to give this track a little kick. I’ve been digging “Kush” for the relaxing, euphoric qualities this song gives off, pair it with a strain like Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and you’ll be chill as fuck.

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