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Strain Review: Bubble Bomb Preroll From Heavenly Buds

Bubble Bomb is an Indica strain from Heavenly Buds a Washington grower, I picked it up awhile ago in preroll form from High End Market Place in Vancouver. Usually I don’t get much of a scent from strains when they’re sold as prerolls, but this one had a sweet bubble gum smell to it.

I wasn’t sure on the genetics of this, so I hit up the Aging Ent, another cannabis blogger in the Pac NW and he informed me that Bubble Bomb comes from Bubble Gum and THC Bomb. Aging Ent recently had Heavenly Buds on his podcast, Marijuana Encyclopedia, he also provided us with some beautiful nug shots of Bubble Bomb. THX!!!

After about 5 minutes it kicked in and my eyes started to feel a little droopy while my body started settling into relaxation mode. My senses felt heightened, vision felt hyper focused and sharp. My emotions felt heightened as well, I felt warm feelings of introspection and compassion. I had a sudden thirst for knowledge and I wound up binge watching Weediquette on Viceland. There wasn’t much in the way of energy, I was mostly chill and happy with that. After a couple hours I felt it’s effects fade, making me sleepy and ready for a nap.

Bubble Bomb is a great strain for tasks that need focus or attention while also getting pain relieving qualities. Before smoking this stuff I had a headache for what seemed like 12 hrs and after smoking half a joint it was gone. I’ve now smoked numerous strains from Heavenly Buds and they haven’t failed me yet. If you’re in the Washington area I highly suggest checking out their heavenly buds.

Bubble Bomb: 5 – Rihanna


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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