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Strain Review: Cherry Pie From Grizzly Farms

Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain bred from Granddaddy Purp (indica) and Durban Poison (sativa). I was drawn to Cherry Pie by it’s beauty, I’m a sucker for strains with color, so the purple and green buds were what initially caught my eye. Upon closer inspection I noticed a thick, chunky texture that was slathered in sugary goodness so I was pretty much sold. When I put the jar closer to my face I got a big whiff of a sweet berry-like scent that had a mix of sour earthy tones and my knees buckled. Grizzly Farms was the grower for this strain, which I picked up from Pure Green PDX, one of my go-to shops in Potlandia.

I’ve heard many things about Cherry Pie and all were rave reviews so it was nice to finally cross this off my “Must Try” list. On Thursdays I usually hit up happy hour with the hubby, especially if my Thursday is stuck on fuccboi status. With that being said this particular Thursday was definitely a day for a sweet treat. I took about three bong hits before we hit up one of the local neighborhood spots we frequent, but didn’t feel the effects right away. When we arrived to our destination we did the usual griping about our week and then suddenly I was met with happy, warm feelings. I went from having Resting Bitch Face to amorous and spaced out.

I had this surge of social energy, but was able to remain calm, focused and relaxed…it was nice. My mind would sometimes wander, but I never felt like I couldn’t function in a normal way. I had about two grams of Cherry Pie and each time was as good as the first, same euphoric energy and same physical calmness. Since Cherry Pie is indica dominant I expected more of the sleepy effects that come from parent GDP, but was pleasantly surprised with the energy that no doubt comes from Durban Poison.

Cherry Pie can battle social anxiety, stress, and depression while also giving you pain relief. For creatives I’d try this given the dreamy effects Cherry Pie offers as well. The strain itself is pretty stoney, but you won’t feel encumbered, so this is perfect to smoke during day or night.

Cherry Pie: 9 – Snoop


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