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Are Bongs Right For You?


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Bongs have been around for hundreds of years, so what is it about them that makes your smoking experience go from meh to great? There are many reasons why bongs are so popular and the preferred choice when getting high, let’s go over why.

People choose bongs as their preferred smoking method because of the cool and unique hit you get when you smoke from them. It’s a different smoking experience when you compare it to what you would normally feel when you smoke a joint or from a pipe.

How Do Bongs Make a Hit So Clean?

The biggest reason is that the smoke is filtered through water. The benefits of this and why someone would be more inclined to use them is that your hit will be cooler and a lot less harsh, making coughing much less likely to happen (providing you didn’t take a monster hit on your first try!). Since the water in a bong is a lot cooler, it’s healthier than inhaling hot smoke that you’d get when smoking a joint.

Bongs are also popular because they come in a variety of colors and unique designs. Before purchasing a bong you’ll want to determine what kind of bong you want and if it’ll be portable to take with you to any social sessions you might have. Some people prefer bongs on the bigger size and some prefer them on the smaller side to save space or something they can have while they’re on the go, no matter what size you choose you’ll still get the same high as if you were using a bigger bong.

Another reason to consider using a bong is that there are so many different accessories you can attach to enhance your high. One of these is by using a bong with a percolator so you get that extra filtered sensation! You can also use a pre-cooler which changes your smoking experience by cooling the smoke before it even enters your bong, the smoke will be smoother and pre-coolers help catch ash and tars which help keep your piece cleaner for longer.

Whether you want to use your bong for big or small tokes, the bong is capable of producing any level of smoke that you wish to consume. They’re also awesome because you don’t have to mess around rolling J’s, making your life a bit easier.

Bongs are definitely more worthwhile than any other smoking product! If you’re looking for a bigger, cleaner hit then a bong is the product for you. Looking for a new piece or wanting to branch out? Head over to Herb Tools, they have a great range of different bongs at competitive prices.

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