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Cannabook Review: Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana & Green: A Marijuana Journal

I have a beautiful book to share with ya’ll and it only took me a year to do it!

Written by Dan Michaels the founder of Sinsemedia, with photography from Erik Christiansen of, Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a gorgeous collection of detailed budshots of 170 strains. With notes on the types of strains, they’re lineage, common smell/taste, effects you may feel, medicinal uses, and more. Green takes users new and old on a quick course on all things weed. Common strains in Green are: Agent Orange, Berry White, Cannatonic, Green Crack, and OG Kush, along with other popular favorites among the cannabis community.

The book goes beyond the bud and drops some knowledge on the different phenotypes, landraces, basic plant anatomy, “The Entourage Effect”: different cannabinoids and terpenoids, the components of what make up your strains. Green also gives users a peek into the culture of cannabis with common slang, a buyer’s guide, ways to keep your stash fresh, smoking etiquette, a guide to edibles, different ways to consume, and a lesson on joint rolling.

Pair your Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana with, Green: A Marijuana Journal. This journal is for consumers who like to keep track of what they’re trying and the different effects they might feel. The journal does give a more compact information guide than the Field Guide, but it’s a much smaller book as well and mostly meant for note taking. While keeping track of the different ways you consume, you’re also keeping track of where you got the strain, the type of strain it is, appearance, aroma/flavor, the effects, it’s strength, it’s negative aspects, who you shared it with, and a section for any random notes you might have.

Each book provides knowledge and informative guides in understanding cannabis on their own, but pair them together and you have this awesome little one two punch in learning more about cannabis. Visually, the Field Guide is a much more beautiful book, the letters on the front that read “Green” are cutout with an orange background making this book call out to you. These books would make a great gift for the weedophile in your life, keep that in mind for the upcoming holiday season…it’s August now, but it’ll be closer sooner than you think.

Pick up Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana and Green: A Marijuana Journal over on Amazon: $23.97 & $10.39.

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