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Some Notes On White Widow

Since starting Mrs. Nice Guy i’ve tried a lot of strains, but there’s still some classics I’d like to have inside my lungs. White Widow is one of those strains.

White Widow has been around for years now, so I’m sure at some point I actually have tried it, but that’s when I just wanted to get high and didn’t pay attention to all the wonderful qualities cannabis possesses. Since I’ve yet to review it, I decided to do some digging on where White Widow comes from and some of the effects you might feel when consuming it.

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The words “White Widow” bring a smile to the face of anyone who lived in the nineties and had an interest in weed.

This all time classic, hybrid strain was first released to the public in the mid nineties in Amsterdam by known breeder Shantibaba, the founder of Green House Seed Company. People really enjoyed this strain because within a year of its release she won first prize at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Shortly after a trend was set and other breeders tried growing their own versions of this lovely plant.

White Widow was and still is very popular among tourists in Amsterdam looking to try the fabulous strain as well as experienced users all over the globe. One of the reasons White Widow has been so successful is that users appreciate the energetic and sociable effects they feel after consuming it. Widows’ heady, cerebral high is quick and powerful, after a few puffs a burst of euphoria and a boost of energy will lift you up. This strain makes people happy and tons of cannabis forums are full of stories from tourists having fun in Amsterdam while enjoying White Widow.

Having a unique taste to it, users have said it’s on the sweet side, combined with a fresh pine taste and fruity, almost pepper-like undertones. This strain is incredibly pungent, so it might be hard to mask. Almost half of White Widow’s DNA is Indica, so the journey ends with a body buzz and a warm feeling of trippy sensations.

White Widow’s lineage is a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a South Indian indica. This wonderful strain is very potent, with THC percentages ranging between 20-22%, which is why users all over consider this a favorite. White Widow has given birth to other favorites like: White Russian, White Rhino, The White and Blue Widow.

This hybrid strain gives birth to plants of medium height, with flowering time between 8-10 weeks. White widow got her name from the way she looks, rich in trichomes her buds are covered in crystals and resin and appears as if it were sprinkled with sugar giving her a frosty look.

Now that states and countries are recognizing cannabis on a medical and recreational level, consumers of both markets can utilize White Widow’s healing benefits to treat: stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as chronic aches and pains.

Check out this interesting talk with Shantibaba, the famous creator of white widow:


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