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Strain Review: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies From Ten Four Farms

When it comes to dank weed in the Pacific Northwest word of mouth usually travels fast. It only took one reliable source to tell me that Ten Four Farms’ Platinum Girl Scout Cookies was straight fire in order for me to swoop it up.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, a hybrid, is what you get when strains OG Kush and Durban Poison knock botanical boots. Ten Four Farms did a fabulous job with PGS, bright orange pistils were woven into chunky purple and green nugs. PGS is darker in color, but drenched in trichomes that give it a platinum glow. Expect a sweet scent that’s mixed with a pungent, earthy mustiness that left a fresh taste on my lips.

One day before work I decided to smoke a small bowl for a quicky wake n bake sesh, I walked into work smelling like sweet chronic and about 2 minutes later I started to feel warm and fuzzy. I’m not typically a morning person, so on the bad days I need something to give me that extra push and PSG was great at melting away the bad feelings, suddenly I was happy and calm.

With THC levels above 20% PSG packed quite the punch! Every other time I smoked my face felt numb and my body was unbothered. I was actually surprised with how much focus and mental energy I had even with the relaxed euphoria I was feeling. I kept going through spurts of being super stoned, like I was in a dreamy fog, floating away into space, but then I’d be brought back to Earth fresh and clearheaded.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies can help relieve PMS symptoms, especially cramps and headaches or feelings of fatigue. It’s uplifting and enchanting effects make this a nice social strain that zap away anxiety, stress or depression. Get yourself some of this shit! What’s better than a strain you can smoke day or night? Just be careful because it’s a creeper.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies: 8 – B-Real


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