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Which Bong Is For You?



There are many different types of bongs on the market, deciding which one can be a nightmare.

Did you know bongs are made using different materials, that come in an array of shapes and sizes while also containing a multitude of accessories? These different features can have a positive or negative impact on your smoking experience and it all boils down to preference. Let’s talk about the different types of bongs you can get and the effect these can have on your herb smoking!

As mentioned above, bongs vary in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials used to make them. There’s a huge range of products offering crazy color schemes that are unique and different in shape. One of the most popular is glass, these types of pieces are often favored by smokers as they offer a cooler and smoother hit when you inhale. Other materials often used and arguably one of the most popular is the plastic bong. Plastic bongs can be great due to their durability, they’re less likely to break if you decide to take it out with you for the day, and make the perfect party piece due to their high survival rate when dropped.

If you’re looking for something a bit more funky and unique, you might consider giving ceramic bongs a try. These are different to the rest as they are moulded into shape and painted into any design that you can imagine! One of the downsides with ceramic bongs is that you can’t see how much smoke is being created inside, therefore you won’t know how big your hit might be. Some may find this game of smoke roulette fun, but others may not. Ceramic bongs can also be harder to clean since you can’t see inside making it a struggle to figure out if it needs to be cleaned. Here’s a great way to clean your bong, this method works with bongs of all kinds.

There’s also wooden bongs if you’re looking for a different experience. Ripping a wooden bong will give you more of an earthy taste that you definitely won’t get from a glass bong. Unlike glass or plastic bongs, a wooden one will have to be heated up in 3 or 4 sessions in order to create a protective layer against the high temperatures.

Multi-Outlet bongs consist of two or more pipes coming out the top of the bong. Because of it’s unique features, multi-outlet bongs are great to share as a group with friends. Being high with your friends is fun, so why not take it a step further by using one of these? If you’re looking for a bigger hit this may not be the ideal one to use, but it’s definitely nice to have a choice.

Overall, there are so many different types to choose from that each offer their own unique smoking experience. So choose carefully! Head over to Herb Tools, they have a great range of different bongs at competitive prices.

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