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Lifted Art: Artist David Flores + Tortilla Truck

Not everything on here is about weed! But I do like sharing my other interests with you, they go well with the some Mary Jane mixed in too.

Xicano artist David Flores is a talented dude. Last weekend he dropped some dope art on a tortilla truck in East Los.


The project came to fruition after a neighbor of David’s kept having his delivery truck tagged on, when David offered to paint it he was told he could put whatever he wanted on it. After putting out the bat signal for donations and volunteers he got to work!

The time lapse videos, with photography from @riceze shows the step by step process of David’s art which is done with spray paint. Since this is a tortilla delivery truck, David wanted to show people harvesting corn. Enjoy and support local and xicano artists!
For art commissions email: or check him out on IG @LA_Steez, give @riceze a follow too.


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