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Music To Smoke To: A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape


Ever since Kid Cudi went in on ‘Ye and Drake, I’ve had Mr. Solo Dolo on my mind.

After his Twitter rant a discussion was started about what contribution Kid Cudi had to hip-hop since his debut. Some people claimed that though he wasn’t the greatest, he did help usher in a new sound to the genre – something I wholeheartedly agree with. Others were more focused on the fact that he hasn’t had a hit in sometime, so who was he to address Mr. Kardashian that way?

I remember riding the bus to work at 6 am traveling to a job I couldn’t stand, but had to deal with to pay the bills. I’d get hella wake n’ baked, and just let the weed and Cudi’s lyrics envelope my whole being. It was a morning ritual, bong hits to the face and then self reflection as I let Cudi’s lyrics guide me. At this point in time no other rappers (that I had heard of) were throwing Band of Horses, Ratatat, or Paul Simon on a sample and pouring out their soul. Being vulnerable wasn’t cool. A Kid Named Cudi had a different sound and it was so beautifully dope I couldn’t get enough.

Two of my worlds which weren’t always connected fucked and gave birth to a new sound that I felt described who I was and spoke for many like me. This album gave me the confidence to be at peace with my past, present and future. It was okay to be an emotional weirdo, you just gotta do you and not give a fuck.

A Kid Named Cudi dropped back in ‘08. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed…but also important to note that to this day that mixtape still holds up. I am a Cudi fan and have accepted every project he’s done, good and bad because he tries new things and really puts himself out there in a way many others don’t. I want him to succeed and not in spite of anyone or anything, but because at a time where I was trying to figure myself out Cudi’s music really spoke to me. This same mixtape also caught the attention of Yeezy himself and shortly after the two were making music together, a relationship that lasted up until Kanye’s Pablo album.

Kanye and Drake responded to the tweets, Yeezy’s being the most emotional and memorable clapback…”I wore skinny jeans first!” You can always count on Kanye for a good quote (HOW SWAY?!). It is interesting that this is happening on the heels of Kanye and Drake announcing their joint collaboration, and before Cudi’s latest project is slated to drop (he announced a tracklist and release date, Sep 30th).

Separately, weed and music have their own way of putting you in your feels, but together they’re this dynamic duo of introspection, love, sadness, euphoria and many other awesome feelings and emotions. When I’m high I listen better, mix that with some good tunes and I feel like I’m there. Beats and melodies tickle my body, while the poetic words that flow out of their mouths make the most sense and all of a sudden, in my mind I am living their words and we are one.

In your stoned, reflective state, I hope you relate A Kid Named Cudi as much as I do.

(Dat New New isn’t on the mixtape, but should be)

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