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Strain Review: Matanuska Thunder Fuck From Cannabis Daily Record

Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Matanuska Thunder Fuck – Sativa
Grower: TJ’s Organic Provisions (Oregon), purchased from Five Zero Trees (Portland)
Onset time: 5 mins or more, this is definitely a creeper
Fade: About 1.5 hours
Strength: High
Tingling (where did you feel it): Head: eyes, face, mind. Some mild pain relief in my lower back
Control: Good control, this stuff really keeps you focused and clear headed
Emotions: Very happy and giggly with uplifting euphoric qualities
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: High – once it kicked in I was buzzing around like a hummingbird
Smell: Strong earthy tones with hints of musty pine, definitely a nostril stinger
Relieves: Stress, pain, depression, creative blocks, nervousness, social anxiety
Positives: It’s nice to find sativas that can keep your mind clear while you need to get work done, especially when there’s mild pain relief. I really loved the uplifting qualities MTF provides. This is the perfect daytime/wake & bake strain. Also a nice strain to share with friends when you wanna chill & shoot the shit.
Negatives: None
Other notes (appearance, etc.): Packed with shiny trichomes, very flowery buds.

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