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Strain Review: Tangie

Most people wouldn’t think that many of the strains we smoke have some sort of history, but they do. For instance, the strain review I’m doing now is for Tangie, a strain that’s a remake of Tangerine Dream, a strain that was heavily sought-after in the 90’s. It’s actual genetics come from two other historic strains, California Orange and Skunk No. 1 that also have a storied past.

Tangie is a sativa that has a pungent orange scent to it with wafts of sweet undertones. Whenever I smell Tangie I like to imagine I’m biting into a juicy tangerine. You can definitely taste the citrus notes upon inhaling and when exhaling you get a smoky sweetness that lingers on the tongue and lips. The orange scent will stay on your fingertips, so enjoy sniffing them afterwards. The buds were a darker green and had tangerine orange hairs that popped through with luminous crystals that shined bright like a diamond (shouts to RiRi).

This was a very uplifting and energizing strain. When I smoked it I had just woken up from an allergy med coma, took some bong hits and felt a zap of rejuvenating energy, like I had been given an adrenaline shot. After going 0 – 100 real quick I was entranced by Tangie’s magical powers of cerebral bliss. My body was chill, but the rest of me had a go-go-go mentality with happy thoughts and stoney eyes.

You know that refreshing feeling when you step outta the shower, why deprive yourself of that? Tangie is a great strain to wake you up, with it’s spectacular scent and invigorating effects you’ll want this when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or fatigued. You can also smoke this in social situations because it gets you out of that scared or nervous element and puts you in the now. You can also enjoy it while watching a 2 hour block of Adventure Time!

Tangie: 7 – Redman


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